ライトマックス (カラー:アザレア)

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4 functions in one unit at the most important time for baby

Even Flow's baby seat is a convenient product that can be used as a baby carrier, a cradle, or a baby rack on a daily basis, in addition to the purpose of safely protecting children when traveling by car.です。

One-touch installation and removal allows you to move your baby while lying down可能

Baby seat with convenience base can be installed and removed with one touch without the need for troublesome work by attaching the convenience base to the car seat once. You can move to your home可能になります。

Period of use

Age newborn until 1 and a half years oldまで
Weight up to 1.815.8kgまで
Height 4381 cmまで


W 451 D 464 H 762 mmmm


Body 3.4kgg
Convenience base 2.2kgkg

Safety standards

FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards passed product品)
FAA Federal Aviation Administration approval認可
※Can also be used on airplanes。
However, for actual use, please contact the airline you are using.さい。

Products that passed the side impact test
Complies with US standard ISOFIX


Compatible with both 2-point and 3-point seat belts応。

Locking clips are not included with this productん。
We sell it if necessaryす。
※ No locking clip required if using convenience baseん。
  However, it may be necessary depending on the condition of the seat belt at the time of installation.す。
※ A locking clip is always required when installing with a 3-point seat belt with ELR function without using a convenience base.ります。

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.い。

Model number

Azalea 305120411


Japanese instruction manual Warranty card書

 FMVSS No.213.225 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards passed product品)

   FAA Federal Aviation Administration approval認可

 Products that passed the side impact test

 US standard ISOFIX adopted